Leather Band Key Organiser

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Here’s a bit of Romanian popular culture: our parents were called “the generation with the key around their necks”, and we still practiced that well into our childhood. It literally means that our parents hung our home key around our necks so that we wouldn’t lose it.

As we grew up and left for university, we used to (and arguably still do) travel between two homes regularly, and that meant always having at least two sets of keys on us at all times. Enter adult life and adding our workplace keys to that bundle- that’s a lot of keys to have hanging around your neck, huh?

What we did was turn our personal experiences and passion for good design into a sleek key organiser:
● stainless steel D ring
● made from the finest natural leather
● sturdy anti-loosening posts
● sturdy washers
● holds up to 7 keys

We like to think that this is not only a product, but 100% experience.

Pro tip: separate your sets of keys using our practical multi-tool.


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